Some of the print/online activities I’ve published or been involved with over the past years include:

Agile Contract Forms:
Using Agile development methodologies in your technology projects? If so, you should make sure your contracting processes are aligned with your development methodologies.  With customer and service provider business, tech and legal teams on the same page, the parties can kick-start their development and collaboration.

InhouseBlog®: Jobs and News for Inhouse Lawyers:
Whether you are the General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company or the only lawyer at a technology start-up, InhouseBlog® has news, tips and information that will make you more efficient. I serve as the Managing Editor of the blog, which has a weekly newsletter reaching over 10,600 in-house counsel enthusiasts.

Legal Tips for New Jersey Tech Developers:
This article will help New Jersey technology development companies identify certain legal issues in potential technology development relationships with clients. By identifying issues in advance, developers can increase the speed at which they close technology deals.

Website Development Agreements: A Guide to Planning and Drafting
Originally published in 1998 as a “note” for the Washington University Law Review, this article was subsequently reprinted in several CLE publications, as classroom materials at a law school, and in Bowne Publishing’s “The Best in Ecommerce Law”. The article focuses on the issues that should addressed in a website development agreement and is written for practitioners as well as companies contemplating an online presence. The article is outdated, but a revised version is in progress.

International Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policies
A study of the dispute resolution policies of numerous country-code TLD (Top-Level Domain) registrars around the world. Conducted in the late 1990s during the domain name debates and presented to the United States Congress by then CEO of Network Solutions, Gabriel Battista. (WL 697644 F.D.C.H.)