Indiana Using Billboards to Lure New Jersey Companies

New Jersey CompaniesNew Jersey companies are the target of an aggressive advertising campaign by the State of Indiana to lure them to leave the Garden State. Certainly, New Jersey has it challenges for businesses but you cannot beat its location. And we have – erm – some promising football teams in the “New York” Jets and the “New York” Giants. Will New Jersey return fire by advertising in Indiana to grow the ranks of New Jersey companies?

“The billboards are part of a yearlong campaign, an Indiana official said. We’ve long known about competition from nearby New York and Pennsylvania….Who ever thought about Indiana?….the Hoosier State recently announced its intentions to lure Garden State companies, 14-by-48-feet at a time. Billboards have been popping up on the New Jersey Turnpike since the start of the year, imploring travelers to “Take your business to the next level.”

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